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5 Reasons to Play Horizon Zero Dawn Again


5 Reasons to Play Horizon Zero Dawn Again

Just because the credits roll, doesn’t mean it’s the end.

Different Approaches to Combat

Horizon Zero Dawn

On your first run through of Horizon Zero Dawn, you’ll likely engage in combat in your preferred style. Whether that’s going in guns blazing, a more tactical approach, or complete stealth, each and every one of them can be effective in Horizon Zero Dawn. Now that you’ve cleared the story and are looking for a reason to play it again, we’d strongly suggest starting over and just mixing up the way you approach combat.

If you went in all-guns-blazing, try looking at weapons or methods that you didn’t utilize the first time around. Or if you went for a stealth playthrough on your initial one, ride on the back of an overridden machine into battle and fire arrows at everything in sight. Horizon Zero Dawn’s combat is one of the most dynamic examples in gaming, and experimenting with it can keep that rewarding feeling going long into a second playthrough.

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