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Osiris New Dawn: How to Invite Friends


Osiris New Dawn: How to Invite Friends

Inviting Friends in Osiris New Dawn

The only way to play with friends in Osiris New Dawn is to have them join your multiplayer server or you join theirs. To create your own multiplayer server, you must click the Multiplayer button on the main menu. Clicking the Multiplayer button will give you an option to select either a public or a private server. Once you choose which type of server you wish to play on, there will be an option for you to select the Create button. Once you click that, you can start to customize. You can customize almost everything on your planet and you can choose whether you want the planet to be for PVE or PVP.

Once your server is built, you can invite friends by clicking the Invite Friends button that is located on the bottom of the Edit Universe Rules menu. (The Edit Universe Rules tab is located next to the name of the avatar you created for your custom planet.) If you want to join one of your friend’s planets, they will have to invite you if their planet is private. If their planet is public, you can search for it in the public server multiplayer screen. Keep in mind that you can only invite up to five friends to a custom planet at a time.

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