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Nioh Update Adds New Sub Missions, Smithing Texts, and the Ability to Pause


Nioh Update Adds New Sub Missions, Smithing Texts, and the Ability to Pause

The Journey Continues.

Look out Nioh players the new 1.06 update is looking to bring some new content for those who have reached the end game. This extra content focuses mainly around new sub missions that will be only available after players finish the actual game. While no number has been specified, players will be rewarded with new Smithing Texts and Titles for completing these high level challenges. There’s no word if these missions will include new enemies or gear for users to obtain, but it will be nice to have some post game challenges to finish.

The other big addition will be the ability to actually pause your game, a key feature that was previously missing from the core game. Players will now be able to simply hit the Options button on their controller to freeze time and take a much needed break from slaughtering hordes of Yokai. Developer Team Ninja have also made some other minor tweaks to Nioh’s balance including increasing the attack power of Tailsmans, the amount of Ki used for certain weapon moves, and some camera adjustments.

There were also a number of bug changes, all of which can be found on the official Nioh Facebook page here. The 1.06 patch has officially been released, so you wont need to wait if you’re looking to jump back into this game.

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