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Nintendo Switch Sales Reportedly Surpass 1.5 Million

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Sales Reportedly Surpass 1.5 Million

Surpassing expectations

Over 1.50 million Nintendo Switch units have been sold, with the majority of the sales being in the first week after its release, according to a report by SuperData (via GamesIndustry).

SuperData complied figures from Famitsu and GFK to reach the number, giving a good idea as to how well the console has sold in different countries. It reports the U.S is ahead with 500,000 sales, with Japan following on 360,000. France is supposed to have shipped 110,000 consoles, with the UK at 85,000.

Nintendo had forecasted sales of 2 million by the end of the month, so is on course to surpass that estimate by these numbers. This could potentially lead to shortages across the aforementioned countries, depending on how quickly they can ship more units.

The news comes just a week after Nintendo itself had revealed that the Switch was its fastest selling console in Australia and New Zealand, following reports of similar records in the Americas and Europe. Its previous fastest selling console in these regions was also its best-selling – the Nintendo Switch.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild also seems to be breaking records, in being Nintendo’s fastest selling standalone title, behind the bundled Wii title Wii Sports.

It’s been an explosive start to life for the Switch, and one which many hadn’t forecasted. What do you think of the Switch so far? Let us know in the comments below.


This post was originally authored by Christopher Carr.

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