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NieR Automata: YoRHa Betrayers Quest Guide


NieR Automata: YoRHa Betrayers Quest Guide

Leave none alive.

NieR: Automata – YoRHa Betrayers Side Mission

YoRHa Betrayers is one of the optional side missions you can tackle in NieR: Automata. After the Goliath attack on the city, the commander will contact you to inform you of certain YoRHa androids who have deserted. Your task is to hunt them down and try to bring them into custody.

When you get the mission, you’ll have three quest markers on your map. However, one of them will be a dud. All you have to do is go to each of these quest markers to find the YoRHa Betrayers themselves. A cutscene will play when you find them, and your first encounter with the androids will require you to take on both of them at once. Once you’ve damaged them enough, they’ll flee, and you’ll have to give pursuit. Simply head to the next marker on your map and you should find them again. After defeating them, the leader will arrive, and you’ll have to defeat her. This will conclude the mission, and you’ll get a new spear weapon out of it too.

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