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NieR Automata: Wise Machines Quest Guide


NieR Automata: Wise Machines Quest Guide

Philosophical thoughts incoming.

NieR: Automata – The Wise Machines

The Wise Machines is a side mission you can unlock in NieR: Automata during your second run of the game.

Well, we say it’s a side mission, but it’s really more of a flavor text thing you can access to flesh out the game’s story and lore a bit more.

You’ll see the quest markers on your map after finding Pascal’s Village and defending the city from the Goliath attack.

As 9S, go to the quest markers to find some machine lifeforms standing at high points in the city. If you try to talk to them, they won’t respond. If you want to know what they’re really thinking, you’ll have to hack into their systems.

The hacking mini-games here are pretty simple, and you just have to access the black core orb while listening to their thoughts.

When you reach the final Wise Machine and hack him, all the Wise Machines will announce that they’re ready to commit suicide in order to achieve a higher level of existence or meaning. All the machines will then jump to their deaths.

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