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NieR: Automata Machine Cores – How to Get Them and What They’re For


NieR: Automata Machine Cores – How to Get Them and What They’re For

Time to make some quick money.

NieR: Automata – Machine Cores

Machine Cores are valuable items that you can get from killing enemies in NieR: Automata. While the smaller, regular enemies won’t drop them, you can get them from the large, towering machines or the red-skinned ones. When you start your New Game Plus playthrough, you’ll also encounter golden machines in the City Ruins, the Flooded City, and the Desert Zone. These golden machines will drop Machine Cores as well.

However, as important as they sound, you can’t actually use Machine Cores for anything. Unlike Machine Arms and Heads, the Cores can’t be used to upgrade your Pods or weapons. Instead, you’ll want to sell them off to vendors. This is actually a really good way of earning money quickly, as one Machine Core can get you tens of thousands of G. If you want to farm for Cores, you can also go down to the cavern that leads to Emil’s home, as it’s flooded with large, powerful machines. Most of them should drop Cores for you, and you can sell them to make money very quickly.

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