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NieR Automata: Game Dev Machine Quest Guide


NieR Automata: Game Dev Machine Quest Guide

There’s a meta message or social commentary hidden in here somewhere.

NieR: Automata – Game Dev Machine

Game Dev Machine is a cool side mission you can unlock during your second run of NieR: Automata. After defeating Beauvoir in the Amusement Park, you can head down to the basement and talk to a machine there. He’ll task you with killing a few machines to get some materials he needs to program his game. After that, he’ll ask you to debug it for him.

During the first hacking mini-game, you don’t have to shoot any of the enemy units. Simply go left and hug the left wall until you find a glitch that lets you go out of bounds. This will complete the first step of the Game Dev Machine quest. You’ll have to find more materials to unlock the second stage.

The second hacking mini-game is fairly straightforward; just shoot the black core orb while its shield is still intact. After collecting the final batch of materials, you’ll have one more mini-game to contend with. For this level, defeat all enemies and clear it without taking damage. This marks the end of the Game Dev Machine quest, and you can collect your reward.

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