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4 New Mechanics NieR: Automata Brings to the Series


4 New Mechanics NieR: Automata Brings to the Series

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Shmups and 2D Planes

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The original NieR experimented a little bit with this, but NieR: Automata definitely takes things to a whole other level. Right as you start the game, you’re thrown straight into a bullet hell twin-stick shooter segment where you have to dodge enemy orbs while taking them down with your own shots at the same time.

Outside of the shoot-’em-up bits, 2B is also equipped with a Pod that can shoot bullets as well. While the Pod definitely isn’t required to get through most of the game’s combat encounters, you will inevitably find yourself holding down the R1 button a whole lot to take down the flying enemies that you might not be able to get to with your melee weapons.

NieR: Automata also loves forcing players into fixed camera angles, and there will be lots of portions where the game feels like a 2D side-scroller. It can seem a little jarring at first, especially since you don’t see these forced camera angles in a lot of action games, but it definitely helps to shake things up a bit.

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