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My Little Blacksmith Shop: How to Make a Polearm


My Little Blacksmith Shop: How to Make a Polearm

How to Make a Polearm in My Little Blacksmith

The main focus of My Little Blacksmith Shop is to create weapons and complete any orders that come your way. One of those many weapons is the Polearm, which is actually one of the easiest weapons to make in the game.

When players receive an order for a Polearm, there will actually be two different options. Both will still require just one Ingot, so make sure to take one and put it over the fire so it gets hot. Once it’s glowing and ready, put that Ingot on top of the anvil and hit it with the hammer. This will usually take about three tries before it changes shape to a Short Blade. Make sure you have some Polearm Grips on hand, or go ahead and order some from the sheet behind the shop. Once you have both items just simply put one on top of each other, and it will connect automatically.

The other type of Polearm is the one that includes a hammer instead of a blade, so when the Ingot turns into a Short Dagger just continue to hit it. First the blade will change design before completely changing into a hammer, then just connect this to a Polearm Grip and feel free to sell it to every character possible in My Little Blacksmith Shop.

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