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My Little Blacksmith Shop: How to Make a Dagger


My Little Blacksmith Shop: How to Make a Dagger

How to Make a Dagger – My Little Blacksmith Shop

My Little Blacksmith Shop is all about living out your greatest weapon-crafting dreams. You open your store, wait for customers, and make the weapons that they request. At one point, someone is probably going to ask you for a dagger, so this guide will walk you through just how to make a dagger.

First up, you’ll need a small blade. Pick up an ingot and place it on the hot coals, and wait for it to heat up. You’ll know this is done when the ingot turns bright orange. If you’re out of ingots, you can order more from the Receiving panel outside your shop.

Once the metal is hot, take it over to the anvil, and click to hammer it. You’ll do this until it turns into the small blade.

Now all you need is a one hand grip. These can also be ordered, but you should have one on your work table starting out. It’s the shortest of all the grips. Take your blade over to the table, set it down, then move the grip and drop it onto the blade. This will make a dagger.

Now you can take it over and plop it down in front of your customer. They’ll drop some cash and be on their way.


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