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Ghost Recon Wildlands: Is There Multiplayer PvP?


Ghost Recon Wildlands: Is There Multiplayer PvP?

Multiplayer PvP – Ghost Recon Wildlands

Multiplayer PvP has been a staple of this third-person action franchise for some time and now with Ghost Recon Wildlands many will be wondering if it’s continuing this trend. Sadly, for those looking to shoot other live humans there is no multiplayer PvP currently in Ghost Recon Wildlands as this is strictly a co-op title right now. However, Ubisoft has confirmed that there will be a competitive multiplayer added into the game as post launch content. The reason for this is probably based around the fact that unlike other games in this series, Ghost Recon Wildlands features a progression system. Since the higher you go up the more unstoppable you become, the later arrival is more than likely for the sake of balancing.

However, make no mistake once this feature launches it has a chance to take off tremendously. The last Ghost Recon game had a thriving multiplayer PvP scene thanks to its dynamic combat and tactics focused gunplay. This will obviously translate nicely in Wildlands, yet it will be interesting to see what game modes Ubisoft decides to add outside of the normal staples like Deathmatch. For now, all you will have is co-op, but this is the ideal way to play Wildlands anyway.

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