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Mass Effect Andromeda: How to Dodge


Mass Effect Andromeda: How to Dodge

How to Dodge in Mass Effect Andromeda

You’ll face quite a few dangers during your time with Mass Effect Andromeda. Dangerous lightning strikes, hurled boulders, fire from various types of weapons, and enemies just lunging at you like maniacs. You’ll definitely want to dodge all of these life-threatening occurrences.

You can only use the dodge mechanic when on a planet’s surface, as it’s directly tied to the jump-jet on your armor. To use it, tap Circle on PS4 or B on Xbox One, while holding left, right, or down on the left thumbstick. This will cause your Ryder to quickly move in that direction, evading any incoming damage. It recharges fairly quickly, too, although you can’t rapidly just keep tapping Circle or B. If you don’t press any direction on the left thumbstick, Ryder will instead dash forward, closing the distance between yourself and an enemy, or dodging something from behind you.

It’s a very useful ability that will often save your life. Just don’t forget that it’s available and that you can also use it while in the air. Also, it just looks cool with all the mayhem going on around you.

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