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How to Charge a Nintendo Switch


How to Charge a Nintendo Switch

How to Charge – Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is finally out, and people everywhere are snatching up the home console/handheld hybrid alongside the insanely beautiful The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. With all the games to be played and the joy of playing the console on the go, your battery will definitely take a beating and die… often. That’s when it comes time to charge the Nintendo Switch, for which there are a few options.

The first is to place the tablet component back into the dock. You can continue playing this way, you’ll just have to play on your television. This is of course only possible if you happen to be at home when you get the low battery warning, or if you’re somewhere that has a dock not being used.

The second is to plug the tablet into a wall using an AC Adapter. This will work just like if you placed it into the dock, only you’ll continue to be able to play in handheld mode.

The third method would be to use a mobile charger (or a powerbank as they are sometimes referred to). You’ll need one capable of putting out 15v, and you’ll need a USB-C cable, which can be found just about anywhere you purchase electronics or computer supplies including online retailers. Connect your Switch to the powerbank using the cable and the console should start charging. You’ll want a good charger, and if it’s full that’s even better. It won’t always fully charge the device, but it’s still a way to charge without being tethered to a wall.

The final way that we know works is to plug it into your computer or laptop.

Now that you know how to charge a Nintendo Switch, you can spend all the hours you want in Breath of the Wild. Enjoy!

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