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How Much the Nintendo Switch Costs (and its Accessories)


How Much the Nintendo Switch Costs (and its Accessories)

Nintendo’s latest console, the Switch, is out! You can play it at home or on the go, and have a great time with friends while doing so. There are a lot of parts to this console and handheld hybrid, so you might find it will cost you a pretty penny. Or a ton of pretty pennies. If you’re thinking about buying one, there are some costs to consider. We’ve broken down all of the base prices for you.

Nintendo Switch Console – $299.99 (includes everything you would need to get started)

Games – $59.99 each

Extra Joy Con Controllers – $49.99 for one side or $79.99 for both sides

Pro Controller – $69.99 (is way more comfortable as a controller)

There are a slew of other, less important accessories you can get, including memory. But those really depend on you and how much you want out of your console. In fact, some of the above might not be necessary. You might find that just the base Nintendo Switch console (it brings joy cons, don’t worry) and some games will be enough. That’s perfectly okay as the system is ready to be experienced straight out of the box.

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