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Horizon Zero Dawn: The Best Weapon for Every Playstyle


Horizon Zero Dawn: The Best Weapon for Every Playstyle

Shadow Sling – Best Weapon for AoE Attacks

Pinpointing the best weapon in Horizon Zero Dawn is pretty tricky. After all, each machine and combat scenario can be tackled in a multitude of ways, and every player will have their own weapon preferences. As a result, there are actually several best weapons in Horizon Zero Dawn. We’ve listed them all here, how much they’ll cost, and what they’re particularly effective at doing, in the hope you’ll be able to save your Metal Shards for the ones that make the most sense to you.

Slings are a great way to deal significant elemental damage to an area, rather than a specific enemy. This can be particularly useful for thinning out a large group of machines, or for giving yourself a bit of breathing room.

The Shadow Sling uses Freeze, Fire, and Shock bombs, meaning you’ll have a majority of the machines’ weaknesses covered with one powerful weapon. To get the Shadow Sling, speak to a merchant in the world and towards the bottom of the weapons tab, you’ll find this for 650 Metal Shards and one Crystal Braiding.


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