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Ghost Recon Wildlands: The Best Sniper Scope & How to Get it


Ghost Recon Wildlands: The Best Sniper Scope & How to Get it

Best Sniper Scope – Ghost Recon Wildlands

There are a lot of different weapon parts, rifles, and attachments you can add to your gear, but which one will benefit you the most in Ghost Recon Wildlands? For those who are looking to deal death from a distance with the best sniper scope, you will want to consider picking up the T5Xi Tactical.

This is mainly due to its high magnification, which dwarfs all of the base sights you will get with regular snipers. Since you actually have to find this scope, players will need to journey to the Koani region. You will specifically be looking for the sniper scope in the Huertas Mine, however, it’s easier to find if you gather some intel first.

Once you have unlocked all the locations for weapons parts in that region, head over to the mine and slowly sneak your way in. This is one of the more dangerous regions in Ghost Recon Wildlands so try to play it safe if you want the best sniper scope. Eventually, you will find it in a small box on the north end of the compound. We recommend killing everyone first as it’s easy to set off an alarm in this area, which is more trouble than it’s worth.

After you obtain the sniper scope, go to your Loadout menu and then select the sniper you wish to add it to. Congratulations, you now have a rifle with a 6x magnification scope on it. Time to score some serious bragging rights by picking targets off while stop a mountain.

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