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Final Fantasy XV Episode Gladiolus: How to Beat Gilgamesh


Final Fantasy XV Episode Gladiolus: How to Beat Gilgamesh

How to Beat Gilgamesh in Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladiolus

One of the major characters of Final Fantasy XV’s Episode Gladiolus is the notorious enemy Gilgamesh. This time around, he takes the form of The Blademaster, a deadly opponent that Gladio must overcome to hone his skills as the Shield of the King. He also functions as the final boss of Episode Gladio, so he can be one tough customer. We’ll give you a few tips on how to take on Gilgamesh.

Gilgamesh’s fight comes in two phases, with the first phase having him attack in slower, more deliberate patterns. The good news is that for this first part, most of his attacks are easily avoidable. You’ll want to watch his attack patterns first and foremost. Any light attacks Gilgamesh uses can be parried by hitting square right as they connect, and then unleashing your own attack. Don’t get yourself caught in a combo string, however, so only follow up with one or two attacks. If you see any attack that Gilgamesh uses where he glows red, you’ll want to dodge it. These can’t be parried so it’s better to use a quick dodge out of the way, and then follow up with a couple attacks of your own. Just follow this pattern, and also slip a few more attacks in after Gilgamesh’s combos play out, and you’ll beat the first phase in no time.

The second phase for the boss is a bit more challenging, as he becomes much quicker and pulls out a giant sword. The same principle applies here, with dodging red attacks and parrying light ones. In general, you’ll want to be a lot more mobile in this phase, and carefully building up your Valor Meter. It’s best to just let the meter fill all the way up and use Maelstrom, rather than any of the other abilities. This unleashes a massive attack on Gilgamesh that will also stagger him, allowing you to string together three or four more attacks in a combo.

Gilgamesh is the final enemy of the DLC, so just use any items you might have remaining to keep yourself alive. It can be a tough battle, but as long as you attack and defend at the right times you should come out on top.

For more help, tips, and guides on both Final Fantasy XV and Episode Gladiolus, make sure to check back with Twinfinite.

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