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Final Fantasy XV Episode Gladiolus: How to Unlock the Final Trial and Beat Cor


Final Fantasy XV Episode Gladiolus: How to Unlock the Final Trial and Beat Cor

How to Beat Cor the Immortal in Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladiolus

Final Fantasy XV’s Episode Gladiolus pits you against quite a few different enemies, but beating the DLC unlocks one of the greatest challenges in the entire game. When you start up Episode Gladiolus, you’ll notice an option on the menu called “Final Trial.” This option will not be unlocked until after you’ve beaten the story of the DLC, and it contains an incredibly difficult battle against none other than Cor the Immortal.

The battle with Cor is by far one of the most difficult in all of Final Fantasy XV, pitting you against the general in a one-on-one battle. Of course, the bigger catch is that you have a very limited stock of recovery items, with only three Potions and one Phoenix Down. Because of this, you’ll need to be extremely careful to avoid taking hits in this battle, especially considering that Cor hits hard.

This means that defense is going to be most important for the Final Trial of Episode Gladiolus. Cor can easily dodge your attacks, then follow up rapidly while you’re still locked in a combo. Basically, you’re going to want to play things safe the entire battle, keeping your distance, blocking Cor’s vicious combos, and parrying at every opportunity you can. If you haven’t mastered parrying in Episode Gladiolus yet, you’ll want to work on it, as it’s essential to beating Cor.

You can parry by hitting square just as Cor’s attack connects, then instantly hit the circle button to counterattack. He’s incredibly quick so he may even dodge a few of your parries, but you can follow up with another attack to get a hit in. Just be careful to not overextend yourself, and only follow up with one or maybe two extra hits to make sure Cor can’t hit you while you’re locked in a combo. If at any point Cor glows red before launching an attack, just do your best to dodge out of the way, as it’s an unblockable attack.

By blocking, parrying, and attacking, you’ll slowly boost your Valor Meter. Let this meter charge up all the way to the top before you use it, so you’ll have access to the Maelstrom attack. This’ll unleash a massive attack on Cor, and most likely stagger him. If you’re lucky one of your parries my also stagger him, in which case you’re free to land an entire combo on Cor.

More than anything, the fight with Cor in Episode Gladiolus is a major test of patience. Your attacks don’t do much damage, and you’ll have to continuously keep your defense up. It’s definitely one of the most challenging sections in Final Fantasy XV, but you’ll be rewarded with a nice trophy if you complete the battle. Don’t be afraid to hone your skills as Gladio in the story of the DLC if you need to get the practice in.

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