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Final Fantasy XV Episode Gladio: How Long It Is


Final Fantasy XV Episode Gladio: How Long It Is

How Long Is Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladio

Final Fantasy XV’s first piece of character DLC is finally here, and it’s all about the big guy Gladiolus. Episode Gladio takes place during the main game of Final Fantasy XV, directly after Gladio is badly beaten by Ravus. He realizes he needs more power in order to continue serving as the Shield of the King, and sets off with Cor to explore mysterious ruins where remains of the Crownsguard lie.

Naturally, with the release of the new episode, you may be wondering just how much content you’re going to get added on to Final Fantasy XV. Episode Gladio runs between one hour to two and half, depending on your playstyle and how quickly you move through it. It’s not an incredibly long piece of DLC, although it does feature entirely new content, including letting you play as Gladio himself.

Episode Gladio also comes with a selection of new Achievements/Trophies to get, and you’ll unlock a score attack mode after beating the DLC. Gladio plays completely different form Noctis, with a much more hack-and-slash style. Because of this score attack is a good way to challenge yourself and have some fun taking down hordes of enemies.

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