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Return to Eorzea as Final Fantasy XIV Gives Unlimited Free Trial

final fantasy xiv

Return to Eorzea as Final Fantasy XIV Gives Unlimited Free Trial

Take your time before deciding if the subscription MMORPG is for you.

Though not the only Final Fantasy MMORPG (Final Fantasy XI is still standing on PC despite console servers closing), Final Fantasy XIV is making an effort to pull in more players. Previously, the subscription-based MMORPG allowed for a 14 day free trial before cutting off access. The new patch 3.56, Square Enix revokes the 14 days and instead gives an unlimited free trial.

There are restrictions, with levels capped at 35. You will be able to explore every part of the game world, though higher level content will be near impossible to finish. Testers can create up to 8 characters with features like parties and link-shell groups also unlocked.

Patch 3.56 also brings the conclusion of the current Heavensward campaign before the new Stormblood story arrives on June 10. Final Fantasy XIV was initially met with negative to average reactions but has since turned opinions around with a complete remake. It is now touted as one of the best MMORPGs around. After ceasing its services on the PlayStation 3, Final Fantasy XIV is still available on PC and PlayStation 4.

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