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Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed Brings Warfare on the Go

Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed

Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed Brings Warfare on the Go

The latest franchise to make a mobile jump.

Nexon and XPEC Entertainment has teamed up to bring a mobile installment of Koei Tecmo’s beloved Dynasty Warriors franchise. Fans of the large-scale combat and heavy roster of history characters will not be disappointed. Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed currently brings in 48 characters and all three legendy kingdoms of Wei, Shu, and Wu. The game also features many modes:

  • Conquest: Standard story mode allowing for single player or multiple through co-op
  • Skirmish: Real-time battle allowing up to 4 players
  • Boss Fight: Single player or co-op, directly fight bosses
  • Raid: Multiplayer mode in which teams must steal from one another
  • War Supply: Requiring strategy, teams must occupy mines and gather resources

All of these modes will cost energy, a standard in most mobile games.

Unlike normal Dynasty Warriors games, Unleashed allows players to set parties of three characters, being able to swap on the fly (similar to Marvel Future Fight). A digital joystick and selectable skills will be the main form of combat. Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed is now available for download for free on iOS and Android.

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