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League of Legends’ Team Liquid Picks Up Doublelift in Last Ditch Effort


League of Legends’ Team Liquid Picks Up Doublelift in Last Ditch Effort

Doublelift makes his return earlier than expected.

Team Liquid, formerly known as Curse has just announced the arrival of Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng as their new Attack Damage Carry (ADC) for the remainder of the Spring Split. This comes as a bit of a surprise, as Doublelift is currently signed with Team Solo Mid, but resting for the split. Though making much more money as a streamer, Doublelift has expressed his need to compete and will be returning after the split to try out for his old position, currently held by Jason “Wildturtle” Tran (from whom Doublelift originally replaced).

So while Double will be playing on Liquid for the last bit of the current split, he’s pretty much on loan. This is beneficial to both parties, as Double will need to be in professional shape if he wants to win his starting position back on Team SoloMid, while Team Liquid needs a world class ADC after moving former world champion Chae “Piglet” Gwang-jin into the midlane, leaving rookie Jung “Youngbin” Young-bin in the ADC position. While Youngbin did fine, Team Liquid needed to bring in a veteran presence as they are sitting dead last with a 3-9 record and could be facing relegation.

While Doublelift has long been associated with Counter Logic Gaming before joining Team SoloMid, he actually played on Curse for a brief stint, where Team Liquid owner, LiQuiD112 played support. He also had the following to say:

During my break, I was able to rejuvenate and regain my motivation to play pro. Although I didn’t intend to come back before Summer, Steve [LiQuiD112) helped me start my career six years ago. Now, I can pay him back and help turn Team Liquid around. I will put in my best effort for TL and my fans.

Team Solo Mid has stated that regardless of who wins the ADC position after Double’s return, they plan to field a 6-man roster, subbing in either one when necessary.

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