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Destiny Age of Triumph: How to Get the Husk of the Pit (Year 3)


Destiny Age of Triumph: How to Get the Husk of the Pit (Year 3)

Husk of the Pit – Destiny

One of the newest weapons to return to the world of Destiny is the famed Husk of the Pit, which is the starting gun that kicks off the Necrochasm exotic quest. However, in order to obtain this item players will need to actually complete some requirements outside of the raid, with the first one being for players to obtain the Husk of the Pit Autorifle.

In order to obtain this weapon, you will need to farm Hive enemies until it eventually drops randomly from their corpse. While there is no confirmation from Bungie, it appears that killing Hive during higher level content like the Nightfall or SIVA Heroic Strikes have the best chance at giving you this item. Some of the strikes you will want to farm include The Summoning Pits, The Will of Crota, and Blighted Chalice as these have the biggest output of Hive enemies.

Once you actually get the gun you’ll need to farm Thralls, Ogres, and Wizards to charge the gun so either rerun The Dark Beyond main quest or the opening section of The Summoning Pits. This will help you charge the Husk of the Pit and let you move on quickly to the next step of this Destiny quest. Getting the Husk of the Pit will take some time and really comes down to chance over actual skill.

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