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Destiny Age of Triumph: How to Beat the Deathsinger Challenge


Destiny Age of Triumph: How to Beat the Deathsinger Challenge

Deathsinger Challenge – Destiny

Introduced during the King’s Fall raid, challenges acted as a way for players to go outside of their comfort zone during boss encounters and try new techniques. While fun, the main drawing point for this was to acquire new and high level loot that could be used or infused into existing gear. With the updated raids via Destiny’s Age of Triumph patch, players can now partake in challenges once more for specific sections of Crota’s End and Vault of Glass.

One of the first that players will encounter is the Deathsinger Challenge that requires players to kill every enemy in the encounter and then finish Ir Yut, the Deathsinger, off with a sword. The catch is you’re on the clock as soon as you leave the doorway, meaning that not only will you need to slay all these Hive, but you have to do it quickly. To start, split up into teams of three with each group responsible for either the right or left side of the room. As soon as you begin quickly kill the various Knights and Acolytes patrolling the area, making sure you send someone up into the two towers to kill the Boomer Knights firing from above.

Once the outside is clear all three teams should move into the back room and kill their Wizards and Thralls, before finishing off the Shrieker. Exit the room as soon as these floating turrets explode to ensure that someone isn’t hit by the tracking missiles. At this time you will want to send one person from each of the two teams into the tower and have them equip a sword or shotgun. The remaining four should then reenter the room after a few seconds of leaving and kill the knights, taking extra care to not hurt Ir Yut. If she dies by anything else other than the Sword Bearer’s sword you will fail the Deathsinger challenge and void all that sweet, sweet, Destiny loot.

After the Knights inside of Ir Yut’s chambers are killed, quickly have all four rush outside and jump down into the pit to dispatch the various Ogres that will spawn. You will have around 30 seconds to do this so just unload all your supers and heavy into them until these beasts fall. The people in the tower will need to kill their Boomer Knights before joining everyone down in the pit. As soon as the last enemy falls a Sword Bearer will spawn in the central door and should be killed instantly. Have the fastest player pick up the sword, rush to Ir Yut the Deathsinger and kill her. She only takes 1-2 hits so don’t worry if you’re cutting it close.

After she falls you and your team will be rewarded with Destiny Year 3 versions of the Crota’s end gear to enjoy and a shiny new emblem!

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