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Destiny Age of Triumph: How to Beat the Crota Challenge


Destiny Age of Triumph: How to Beat the Crota Challenge

How to Beat the Crota Challenge in Destiny: Age of Triumph

Crota is one of the four raid bosses in Destiny and just like the ones after his release, this big guy obtained his own challenge mode that will reward players with extra loot. Before we begin, it’s important to remember that you can beat this with any mixture of classes, but our recommendation is to have at least one to two Titans on your fireteam. While this isn’t required, it will make your job much easier, especially during the various phases you’ll be waiting around for.

The actual challenge for Crota is to defeat him without ever using the same sword wielder more than once. This means if you are holding the sword and it either drops or vanishes, you cannot pick it up again.

To start, everyone should hop onto the plate and begin the counter, clearing out all the enemies that are wandering around on the left and right. After they are killed, five team members should reconvene on the left with one going to the right, as they are going to play distraction for the Boomers in the tower. Speaking of, do not kill the Knights in the tower under any circumstance as this will trigger a wizard spawning and make the fight much harder. Whoever is your sword bearer should jump into the pit and pick up the Chalice (the glowing item that lets you heal) and then have the team focus fire the orange colored knight.

Once he grabs the sword, go to the right where the rocks are, climb up, and call for your five squad mates to damage Crota via rockets or heavy machine gun fire. Once his shield drops, run up to him and hit R2/RT three times before retreating. When he stands up, this big guy will call upon the Over Soul (it’s a giant eye above him) which will wipe your Destiny raid team after a few seconds if it’s not destroyed. When this happens, fire another barrage of rockets at Crota and then switch to your secondary or primary weapons to destroy the Over Soul. During this, the sword bearer should try to get some more hits on Crota before retreating back inside. He will summon the Over Soul once more so destroy it from the safety of either doorway before retreating to heal up via passing the Chalice around.

Repeat this around 3 to 4 more times and he will fall before you without any real issue. Remember, at around 50% he will summon a few Ogres to the fight, so they will be top priority for your team as these big guys can absolutely shred people apart. If you are running a Titan on your team just make sure to have Blessings of Light equipped for your bubble to act as a pseudo healing effect for your group. Make sure to have your sword carriers chosen so your team can stay organized, as that is really the only problem that players should run into. However, this is by far the easiest boss in all four raids, so with a bit of practice all of the new Destiny Age of Triumph weapons and armor of the Crota challenge will be yours.

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