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5 Destiny 2 Trailer Moments Sure to Make Fans Drool


5 Destiny 2 Trailer Moments Sure to Make Fans Drool

Devils in the details.

New Cabal Enemies

Destiny 2 Cabal

The Cabal have taken center stage in the upcoming Destiny 2 and with them, this fearsome army has decided to bring some new friends along for the ride. While we get a glimpse at the base Cabal soldiers and some of the shield-carrying Phalanx units, however, there are some curious changes. One of which appears at the 0:19 second mark of the trailer and showcases what appears to be an updated Phalanx. Not only does the front of his shield now have an energy barrier, but there is also a rather large spike protruding from the center. This could either mean that the old versions are getting updated or we will have different versions to battle it out with.

Another, more elaborate type of Cabal appears to be a melee-focused one and appears at the 0:30 second mark. This brute appears to be about the size of a Colossus, but is wearing far different armor which could indicate the specific faction of the Cabal that warrior is a part of. Given these appear to be the new big baddies, it’s nice to see that Destiny 2 is going to expand upon the existing roster, while still keeping a few of the familiar faces we love to shoot.

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