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Everything We Learned From the Destiny 2 Trailer


Everything We Learned From the Destiny 2 Trailer

A new legend rises.

The Enemy

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 has finally been officially revealed after a teaser a couple of days ago. With a trailer lasting just under two minutes, Bungie has given us a glimpse into the story that awaits fans later this year. It may have not lasted long, but there’s quite a bit to go into. As such, let’s begin with the enemy.

The Cabal are finally getting a bit of respect… they just had to crash a party at the Tower to do it. Under the lead of a vicious commander named Ghaul, the last city is besieged by huge ships and powerful enemies. You can see new attacks and even types of Cabal, as well as alien beasts, not just humanoid enemies.

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