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Deadpool 2 Casts Zazie Beetz as the Mercenary Domino

deadpool 2


Deadpool 2 Casts Zazie Beetz as the Mercenary Domino

Lucky girl.

Deadpool 2 had a teaser video released earlier this month and fans are getting very excited for the new film. The original film, released last year, was a triumph with Deadpool finally getting the movie he deserves, you know, full of gore and sex and cursing.

If you’re excited for Deadpool 2 then you’ll be interested to learn that actress Zazie Beetz has been cast as Domino in the sequel. The news was first announced by Ryan Reynolds on Twitter with two Tweets announcing and confirming the news.

As you can see. Reynolds used his expert Photoshop skills to show us what Zazie Beetz might look like in the film. Like Deadpool, Domino is a mercenary who works for the good guys (usually) and is a survivor of another experiment to create a super soldier. Her power is very interesting in that she is able to create good luck for herself and those around her by affecting the probability of any given circumstance. The actress Zazie Beetz is best known for appearing in Donald Glover’s comedy series Atlanta.

Deadpool 2 is set to be released sometime next year and will be directed by David Leitch, best known for his work on the action film John Wick.

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