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Dark Souls III The Ringed City: Where to Get the Murky Longstaff


Dark Souls III The Ringed City: Where to Get the Murky Longstaff

Where to get the Murky Longstaff in Dark Souls III The Ringed City

For those looking to wield magic in Dark Souls III, you may want to consider picking up the Murky Longstaff in The Ringed City DLC. This weapon is rather tricky to obtain, however, as you will need to run through a gauntlet of tough enemies, including two Lothric Knights.

Starting from when you first meet the flying angel, run to your right and hop down onto the next platform that is walled off from this monster’s gaze. Head forward and inside to meet two Lothric Knights, one of which is carrying a sword and the other a spear. Try to isolate one via either backstabbing or kiting around the environment to ensure easier kills and that you aren’t stunlocked by their strikes. After both are defeated, head out the right hand exit into the courtyard and quickly dispatch the various mages scattered about the area before proceeding up the hill

Once you enter the room, several crawling monsters along with a few more mages will be in your way, so make sure to kill the magic wielders first. If you focus on the crawling enemies, wizards will constantly spawn them, making it impossible to truly empty the room.

After all of these shriveling creatures are killed, you will find the Murky Longstaff in a small room on the second floor guarded by some more of these weak creatures. Either grab it and run or kill them all, but once you have this item, head outside where it’s safe so more spawning enemies can hit you.

The base requirements for this are 6 Strength and 12 Intelligence, with the Int stat being rated B without any upgrades. The weapon skill for the Murky Longstaff is rather unique as it allows you to temporarily boost dark sorceries, which means with the right build this could be quite potent.

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