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Danganronpa 1.2 Reload: How to Use Monocoins and What They Do


Danganronpa 1.2 Reload: How to Use Monocoins and What They Do

Monocoins – Danganronpa 1.2 Reload

As you’ve been making your way through the two different adventures in Danganronpa 1.2 Reload, chances are you’ve been accumulating those shiny coins with Monokuma’s face on. These are known as Monocoins and act as your currency during your adventure. While you can’t buy anything to increase your character’s effectiveness directly, they’re still pretty important.

Once you’ve got your hands on a good number of Monocoins, you’ll want to make your way to either the Gift Shop on the 1st Floor of the Academy in Trigger Happy Havoc (marked with a Yen sign), or the beach or Rocketpunch Market in Goodbye Despair.

In the Gift Shop, you’ll see a little machine on the counter that you can interact with. Simply put in a Monocoin and press X to confirm. You’ll then be given an item which will be added to your Presents list in your e-handbook. It’s worth noting, however, that in order to reduce your chances of getting the same items over and over again, you’ll need to put more Monocoins into the machine at once. This will lower the repeat percentage in the bottom corner of the screen.

In Goodbye Despair, the principle remains the same, but this time you’re looking for a vending machine-like object in the Rocketpunch Market, or the MonoMono Yachine that looks like a tree down on the beach. Simply put your Monocoins into either of the machines and reap the rewards.

Once you’ve got these presents, gift them to the student that would have an interest in them to further your friendship and unlock skills which can help you out during a class trial.

That’s all you need to know about using Monocoins in Danganronpa 1.2 Reload. Check back with Twinfinite for more tips, tricks, and help for the game.

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