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The Best Mass Effect Games: All 4 Ranked


The Best Mass Effect Games: All 4 Ranked

Bioware’s sci-fi epic.

Mass Effect Infiltrator

The Best Mass Effect Games: All 4 Ranked

mass effect infiltrator

Infiltrator was a smaller scale mobile title that released just before Mass Effect 3, putting players in the shoes of a Cerberus operative by the name of Randall Ezno. He’s sent to an installation on an ice planet to kill a Turian mark Cerberus has set, and quickly find out the truth about Cerberus and turns against the organization.

The mobile title tried to mimic the gameplay of its console counterparts, to mixed results. It’s still a third-person shooter, but has you tapping on points to take cover and on enemies and special power icons to attack. There are no squadmates for Ezno in the game, however, you do earn credits that you can use to power up your armor, attacks, and biotics. You can even collect Intel in the game that can be used to boost your Galactic Readiness score in Mass Effect 3, which dictates how ready Shepard’s forces are to engage the Reapers.

Although Infiltrator definitely looks good on mobile, it doesn’t stand up to the console games, and also gets hit with some slowdown. Additionally, the controls had some responsiveness issues that drug the experience down a little bit. The good news, however, is that after the game’s 1.03 update many of the control issues and graphical issues with the game were rectified. It may not be quite as worthwhile as other Mass Effect experiences, but for any fan that just couldn’t wait for more Mass Effect, it was definitely worth a look.

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