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The Best Fallout Games, Ranked According to Metacritic


The Best Fallout Games, Ranked According to Metacritic

World on Fire.

Fallout: New Vegas -Metacritic Score: 84


Developed by Obsidian Entertainment, Fallout: New Vegas was one of the first core modern entries in the series that wasn’t directly handled by Bethesda. Set around a post-apocalyptic version of Las Vegas, players took control of a courier who was left for dead in the desert after a deal goes wrong. Players are then tasked with journeying across the desert to the famed city all while dealing with the various, colorful factions vying for control of the still functioning area.

While New Vegas offered more of the same great gameplay that Fallout 3 had delivered, it suffered from a plethora of bugs that were laced throughout the entire game. Along with this were the lackluster visuals that didn’t feel as if Obsidian was pushing the Fallout games further, but instead simply making a large expansion for Fallout 3. Despite this, one couldn’t help but get engrossed in the wacky side quests, solid combat, and the unique survival mode that has since become a staple within the series. While New Vegas may not have revolutionized the FPS/RPG genre, it was a decent enough entry and one that many fans still enjoy to this day… even if the Cazador enemies were super over-powered.

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