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Amazon Has Been Cancelling Persona 5 SteelBook Pre-Orders


Amazon Has Been Cancelling Persona 5 SteelBook Pre-Orders

Needless to say, this will leave some fans feeling pretty steely.

Many Persona fans woke up to some devastating news about their steelbook Persona 5 pre-orders. E-mails were sent out and received this morning from Amazon stating that their orders were cancelled and will not be shipped on the release date.

NeoGAF user Chris R posted this in regards to his experience:

persona 5

Comments below the initial post drag Amazon for redacting their orders. Users compare the situation to similar issues earlier this month regarding the release of the Nintendo Switch. Others chalk it up to Amazon taking necessary precautions in handling defective product that may be harmful to consumers.

Persona fans have taken to Twitter as well, and as you would expect, there is division between those who are outraged and those who are thankful that they’ll be getting their normal and digital copies on the scheduled Apr. 4 release date without hassle.

Concerns are also circulating that Amazon’s decision will act as a gateway for more pre-orders to be canceled. No one else has come forward to say that they will be canceling any of their steelbook pre-orders as of now. Amazon still has it available, but it is likely we can expect that to change in the near future.

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