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5 Reasons to Get Excited for Mass Effect: Andromeda


5 Reasons to Get Excited for Mass Effect: Andromeda

Get excited, y’all.

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The New Squad


As with other BioWare games, a Mass Effect title is only as good as its squad. Over the course of three games, we got to know and love the various faces that came to inhabit the Normandy over 30-40 hours. There were some characters you loved right away, such as Garrus Vakarian and Mordin Solus. Then there were others, such as Jack, Javik, and Kaidan (or Ashley) that took some time to get on with, but eventually grew on you. Given how vital that they were to the story of Commander Shepard, it was pretty obvious that none of them will be returning for Andromeda. Some may be referenced by other characters, but that’s as far as we’re gonna get.

Up until recently, BioWare has been keeping fairly mum on the squad for Mass Effect: Andromeda. We’ve already been introduced to Liam, Cora, Peebee, Jaal, Drack, and Vetra. There’s also Ryder’s father, Alec, and Salarian pilot Kallo Jath. Jaal is the only alien (thus far) to come from the new galaxy and is a member of the Angara race.

Like with other games from the studio, the cast of Mass Effect: Andromeda is sure to be loved by the time you finish the game. What’ll certainly help, aside from their personalities and looks, is the return of loyalty missions from ME2. Helping the squad with their own personal agendas will help Ryder learn more about them, in turn giving you new insight to their already complicated lives. Like with Shepard, you’ll basically be a space therapist, but at least you’ve got a fun gang of people to travel the stars with.

Plus, you’ll get to bang some of them, and said banging is reportedly “pretty good.” If that’s not reason enough to be excited by the new blood, then what is?

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