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The 10 Fastest-Selling Exclusive Games Of This Generation


The 10 Fastest-Selling Exclusive Games Of This Generation

Here’s how Horizon Zero Dawn and Breath of the Wild measure up.

10) Killzone Shadow Fall

800,000 copies sold in 3 weeks


After the meteoric success of both Horizon Zero Dawn on PS4 and The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on Nintendo Switch/Wii U, Twinfinite is breaking down this generations fastest selling exclusive games to see where they rank. It should be noted that we were not able to include Microsoft published titles such as Halo 5 or Gears of War 4 due to a lack of reliable data. We suspect that both of those games would have been in contention for a spot on this list had that data been available. That all being said; onto our list of best selling exclusive titles and where this year’s hottest games stack up.

Available at PS4’s launch, Killzone Shadow fall was a smash hit among new owners of the console, marking the series’ most popular title. As one of only two exclusive games purposefully built to take advantage of PS4’s “next generation” hardware, Killzone was a showpiece title with superb graphics. For that reason, it flew off shelves, selling 800,000 units in just 3 weeks, and then going on to sell 2.1 million in less than 3 months.

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