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Yakuza 0: How to Get All Trophies


Yakuza 0: How to Get All Trophies

How to get all the trophies.

Getting all the trophies is tricky in Yakuza 0 since it requires at least two playthroughs, each of which will take at least 40 hours, and there are some missable trophies that you need to know about, all of which are bronzes.

  • Chapter 2: Rich Taste
  • Chapter 3: Smooth Criminal (Will pop at the beginning of Chapter 4)
  • Chapter 5: Business Etiquette 101
  • Chapter 7: Best Served Cold?
  • Chapter 10: It Takes Two
  • Chapter 12: They Won’t Mind
  • Chapter 13: Big Hair in the Crosshairs
  • Chapter 15: Hitting the Bottle

All of those trophies are missable because unlocking them requires you to complete specific substories, which becomes clear in the trophy descriptions, that you can see by pressing ‘square’ on the trophy’s page. They are initially hidden trophies but it doesn’t spoil anything by learning what you have to do.

You will also get 21 additional trophies as you play through the main game, all but one being bronze trophies, the other being silver. They are for completing chapters or particular tasks that come up as part of the main story missions.

Once you have finished the story you can return to where you left off, with either character, in Premium Adventure Mode. However, you will still have to play the whole game again to get other trophies.

You have to play through the whole game again, on Legend difficulty, to unlock the solitary gold trophy: Stuff of Legend. It is unlocked after one playthrough but due to the nature of the narrative heavy sections and fast paced combat, it isn’t much harder than normal difficulty. The challenge is not dying at all because you cannot continue if you do so, so be sure to save as much as you can.

The final step towards the platinum trophy is completing all the Climax Battles. They are a set of 32 fighting challenges, 26 of which are accessed from the main menu and unlock as you play through the main game. The remaining six unlock once you complete the rest of the challenges. They aren’t overly difficult, especially if you’ve already played through the main game. This can also be done before you beat the game on Legend difficulty, if you would prefer. Once you have completed all 32, you will unlock the final trophy – a silver called Just Beat It.

Once you have completed all these steps you will have unlocked the platinum trophy, and therefore all the trophies in Yakuza 0.

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