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When Pokemon GO’s Valentine’s Day Event Starts


When Pokemon GO’s Valentine’s Day Event Starts

When will it begin?

Pokemon GO Valentine’s Day Event Start Date and Time

Niantic has revealed that Pokemon GO will be getting a Valentine’s Day event that will run for the next week. The event is similar to the Halloween and Christmas events that saw an increased chance of catching certain Pokemon and increased candy rewards for captures and walking with your buddy Pokemon.

Pokemon GO’s Valentine’s Day event start time is today, February 8. 2017, at 11:00 A.M. PST. It will run throughout the next week, until February 15, at 11:00 A.M. PST.

For the low-down on what is new to the app in the Valentine’s event update, see here. These days will be filled with extra candy, as well as higher hatch and appearance rates for certain Pokemon. Nintendo notes that “pink” ‘mons will be getting the boost, though hasn’t confirmed exactly which Pokemon this refers to.

This Valentine’s Day update doesn’t differ much from Pokemon GO’s previous holiday events, which added bonuses like increased candy, experience, and cool new Pokemon during Thanksgiving and Christmas periods.

Will you be jumping into the new update when the start time comes around? Excited for extra candy and pink Pokemon? Let us know what new things you see in the comments below, and happy hunting!

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