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What Persona Game Do You Want to See After Persona 5?


What Persona Game Do You Want to See After Persona 5?

Where do we go from here?

For everyone not living in Japan, it’s just a few months before Persona 5 graces the world after multiple delays. Atlus is already looking to the future of the franchise, and their survey wants to know what the fans want next. Their yearly survey has a question dedicated to the JRPG series, asking which of these titles they would buy:

  • A completely new Persona 6
  • Persona 5 with additional scenarios and new elements
  • Persona 5 fighting game
  • Persona 5 dance game (sound action)
  • Revelations: Persona HD remake
  • Persona 2: Innocent Sin / Eternal Punishment HD remake
  • Persona 3 HD remake
  • Persona 3 dance game (sound action)
  • Persona Q sequel and remake for other hardware
  • Persona series board game
  • Persona series online game
  • Persona series shooting game

Each choice above has a checkbox for the system that players would play the supposed game on. The choices are all current gen–so PS4, PSVR, Switch, Vita, 3DS, smartphone, and other (just add in a system that hasn’t been chosen). More games in the series are guaranteed to come after Persona 5 releases, so it’s likely that Atlus is already working on one or two of these and are just feeling out the rest. If you know Japanese (or have Google Translate), you can take the survey here until it ends on Feb. 7 at 23:59.

Persona 5 comes to the PS4 and PS3 on Apr. 4.

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