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4 Ways Horizon Zero Dawn’s Aloy Stole Our Hearts


4 Ways Horizon Zero Dawn’s Aloy Stole Our Hearts

A great heroine for the history books.

A Stellar Voice Acting Performance

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The lid is finally off Horizon Zero Dawn, and we absolutely loved it. With its beautiful environments and intriguing story, we couldn’t help but find ourselves spending hours at a time just living in the world. Of course, driving all of this along is Aloy, a young huntress who seeks the answers to this world, as well as some more personal questions she has of her own. While we’re not going to go into story beats and spoil any of the exciting adventure that lays in store, this will simply give you an idea of the kind of character you can expect to spend 30+ hours with in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Some video games have protagonists that don’t quite realize their full potential. Instead, acting merely as an empty vessel for you to assume in order to absorb the experience and become immersed in the world. That’s not the case with Aloy in Horizon Zero Dawn, thanks to a stellar performance by Ashly Burch as her voice actor.

Whether it’s a witty quip or a monologue of contemplation, Burch delivers each and every line with just as much life and character as the last. Just as Burch managed to bring the well-loved Tiny Tina from Borderlands 2 to life with an excellent performance full of character, she manages to deliver an equally impressive performance in Horizon Zero Dawn. With an excellent script behind her, Burch brings Aloy to life as a likeable, relatable, and strong character that will become one of PlayStation’s greatest heroes going forward.

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