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The Video Game Industry Added Over $11 Billion to the US GDP


The Video Game Industry Added Over $11 Billion to the US GDP

Entertainment software is growing with every year.

In a new report released today, the Entertainment Software Association broke down the economic contributions of the US’s entertainment software industry across the 21st century, including some numbers for GDP contribution in recent years.

According to the report, the video game industry added just over $11.7 billion in value to the national GDP in 2015. This means a 3.68% real annual growth rate when compared to the 2013 value of roughly $10.9 billion. This growth rate topped that of a number of other industries, including real estate, retail trade, and construction.

“As thousands of us in the video game community prepare to gather at important events like DICE, the Game Developers Conference, and South-by-Southwest,” said ESA president and CEO Michael Gallagher, “it is an opportune moment to share some thoughts on the industry’s direction as we drive greater innovation in game technology, expand the legions of gamers worldwide, and seize opportunities to heighten awareness of video games’ significant influence on our society.”

“Over ESA’s 22 years, elections have produced four presidents, dozens of governors, and thousands of state legislators. That history has demonstrated that elections do not define our medium or our horizon—we do. Our industry is delivering greatness today – and has an exponentially growing ability to impact society inside and outside of government and elections.”

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