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The Top 10 Best Fire Emblem Characters of All Time


The Top 10 Best Fire Emblem Characters of All Time

A mix of charisma, popularity, and usefulness in combat will determine the victor!

10. Anna

Anna Top 10 Fire Emblem Characters of All Time

This top 10 Fire Emblem characters of all time list cannot start with anyone other than Anna. This recurring character in the series appears in every Fire Emblem game, except for Gaiden. She usually takes a support role and has been a merchant, a guide, an arena host, etc. In some games, she only has a cameo, but was actually playable for the first time in Awakening. In this entry, she is a trickster, which completely suits her personality that’s more or less consistent in the franchise.

She also assumes a more central role in the recently released Fire Emblem Heroes. In this mobile game, she is the commander of the Order of Heroes and military leader of the kingdom of Askr. This makes her the first character the players meet and acts as a guide to them, explaining the basics of the gameplay and the plot. She is the perfect woman for the job.

This post was originally authored by Pablo Seara.

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