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Top 10 Best Video Games You Can Get For Kids in 2017


Top 10 Best Video Games You Can Get For Kids in 2017

Plenty of family fun.

LEGO Worlds – Mar. 7 (Xbox One, PS4, PC)

Lego Worlds, Minecraft

LEGO games are always a sure fit for family gaming, but LEGO Worlds is a bit different from what’s come before. The title is a massive open-world sandbox game that lets players roam around and construct their own creations out of LEGO bricks. It’s basically the long awaited meeting of a Minecraft-style game with a LEGO world.

For anyone that’s into the massively popular toy line, LEGO Worlds is a dream come true. You can build practically anything you can imagine, and have complete freedom to build. Of course, there are pre-built LEGO structures you can erect, or you can choose to construct things brick by brick. It also features a number of vehicles, costume options, and monsters. Later on after the game’s release it will additionally be adding multiplayer and world sharing. It’s the perfect title to engage anyone’s imagination, and is sure to keep them interested for hours upon hours .

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