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Sniper Elite 4: How To Mark And Tag Enemies


Sniper Elite 4: How To Mark And Tag Enemies

Beware the chickens!

Tagging Enemies – Sniper Elite 4

Tagging enemies in Sniper Elite 4 serves two purposes; it lets you see marked enemies through walls and keep track of their movements, and it also allows you to learn other important details such as their rank and equipped gear.

To mark enemies, simply bring up your binoculars and point towards an enemy you want to mark. Then press the button prompt that appears when they are in your sights (RT on Xbox One, R2 on PS4) to tag them. This however only accomplishes the basic task of marking them on your screen and not actually revealing any additional information such as rank or equipment.


What the game doesn’t tell you, however, is that you have to focus the binocular’s reticle over the tagged enemy for a few additional seconds until the icon above their head fills up to actually learn more about them. Do so, and you will learn additional details such as their distance from you, their rank, their level of alertness, the weapons they have equipped and their name alongside some humorous details about themselves.

Now admittedly, the last bit of information has almost no effect on the gameplay itself, but who doesn’t like knowing that the Nazi they’re about to headshot is scared to death of chickens?

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