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3 Signs the Xbox One Is in Trouble


3 Signs the Xbox One Is in Trouble

In a slump.

Too Long a Wait for Too Few Scorpio Details

Project Scorpio is Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox One upgrade. It’s been touted as the most powerful video game console ever made… and that’s all we really know about it. There have been a few details shared so far, and while it’s appealing that we’re on the verge of a super powerful console that plays games in native 4K, is VR ready out of the box, and plays Xbox One as well as Xbox 360 games, what else is there that’s being kept from fans?

It’s understandable that Microsoft’s hand was sort of forced into revealing the Scorpio well before its due date (it’s slated to release at the end of 2017); in wake of many rumors and leaks about the project, they could remain silent for only so long. However, we’ve already gotten the PS4 Pro (also an updated console), and the Switch will be releasing in a couple of short weeks, yet we still know very little about the Microsoft machine announced eight months ago.

Fortunately enough, they do plan on showing off more information on June 11, right before E3 opens its doors to the masses. While Sony has been working hard to convince fans that they should consider a Pro, hopefully the folks over at Xbox have learned a thing or two about marketing an upgraded system. The teaser at least shows that the company is aware that the public desperately waiting on some details.

Still, that’s a long time to wait while the competition is busy moving forward in a very real way. It does buy Microsoft a bit of time to prepare, but there’s only so long that everyone’s willing to wait for the console to wow them. The Scorpio is still not due until the holiday season as far as we all know. Hopefully that briefing brings something to the current console soon rather than set up hype for the holidays or following year. If that’s what ends up happening, 2017 may end up being a wasted opportunity.

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