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Sea of Thieves Xbox One S Being Auctioned for Charity

sea of thieves

Sea of Thieves Xbox One S Being Auctioned for Charity

Some Rare loot

Sea of Thieves was first announced last year and is an exciting new action adventure game currently being developed by Rare. The game features user generated content and a vast open world in which players can work together to brave the cruel seas.

Rare is currently auctioning off a number of rare (no pun intended) items in order to help raise money for SpecialEffect, a charity which brings gaming to players with disabilities. A number of cool items are on auction but none as cool as this very rare (still no pun intended) Sea of Thieves-themed Xbox One S console.

You can bid on the console yourself over on eBay but you better prepare for a serious hole in your wallet as the bid currently stands at over £700 with two more days still to go. The item is being sold on eBay UK but the console can be shipped internationally so you can still bid if you’re overseas. This Sea of Thieves Xbox One is only one of three in the entire world, a very rare console indeed.

Other items being auctioned include signed and framed Rare Replay art and a Conker’s Bad Fur Day original poster. You can check out Rare’s full list of items on auction HERE. Absolutely all the money raised will go to Special Effect.

Sea of Thieves has been announced for the Xbox One and PC. An exact release date is yet to be announced but it is expected sometime this year.


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