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Samurai Announced as the Next Final Fantasy XIV Job for Stormblood Expansion

Samurai, Stormblood

Samurai Announced as the Next Final Fantasy XIV Job for Stormblood Expansion

Spiderman was somehow the hint for this.

At the fan festival taking place in Germany today, Square Enix made it official and confirmed the assumptions of many fans. Samurai is the next new job for Final Fantasy XIV. However, Naoki Yoshida and the FFXIV development team still had a lot of surprises about the new job in store.

First, Samurai is actually a melee-DPS job, and not a tank like many, including us, had assumed it would be. The job will focus on dealing “massive damage” and will chain attacks using the powers of “Sen,” “Setsu,” “Getsu,” and “Ka.” If you’re familiar with Ninja’s Mudra system it sounds at least similar to that. Perhaps it will play like Final Fantasy XI’s version of the Samurai, chaining together weapon skills to create powerful combinations on its own without the need of others. Here’s a look at the Samurai’s animations courtesy of Silconera and Aether Chronicles. The development team is currently considering starting the job at level 50.

Finally, and this might be a spot of bad news depending on your perspective, we also learned that Samurai would be the final job for the Stormblood expansion alongside the already announced Red Mage. According to US Gamer, this decision is being made to let the FFXIV development team focus on balancing the already existing healers and tanks. This confirms the fear of some fans that the they would not want to repeat trying to add three new jobs at once again, and would only go for two in Stormblood.

We can expect more details about Samurai when we get closer to FFXIV: Stormblood’s release on June 20.


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