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Sniper Elite 4: How To Disable Enemy Relay Towers


Sniper Elite 4: How To Disable Enemy Relay Towers

Isolate the enemy.

Starting from the second mission in Sniper Elite 4, players will occasionally come across tall Relay Towers in the game. These towers can prove to be a real pain in the player’s behind if detected, as they can be used by the enemy to bring in a large number of reinforcements. Definitely increases the odds you’ll be killed.

If encountered, it is generally a good idea to disable them first, especially if you are the type of player who is prone to getting spotted often.

The way you do this is by heading to the base of these relay towers and locating the Mobile Radio Operators. These are unique enemy soldiers with radio backpacks that can utilize the tower to send out reinforcement requests. They can also easily be identified by the signal icon that appears above their head when they are marked.

Simply scan the area near these relay towers with your binoculars to identify these soldiers, and stealthily take them out. With its operator out of commission, the relay tower also fails to present any threat to the player.

Observe caution when approaching these enemies, though, as they are often surrounded by large numbers of regular solders. If possible, just snipe them from afar.

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