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What’s New in Rainbow Six Siege’s 1.24 Velvet Shell Update


What’s New in Rainbow Six Siege’s 1.24 Velvet Shell Update

Two new operators, a new map, and a whole bunch of useful fixes.

Rainbow Six Siege 1.24 Velvet Shell Update – What’s New

Rainbow Six Siege’s first Year Two update “Velvet Shell” is now officially live. It’s a huge expansion for the game adding two new operators, a new free map, and a ton of general tweaks, so let’s break it all down.

The two new operators in Velvet Shell are Mira and Jackal. Mira’s special ability is a one-way window that can be mounted on destructible walls, and Jackal’s special ability allows him to track the recent footprints of defenders and even scan them to reveal their location on the map. Both operators come included with the Year 2 pass. After the initial 7-day exclusivity period, any player will be able to unlock the operators with a whole lot of Renown or real-money R6 credits.

Also in the update is a brand new map, Coastline. The map is set on a tropical beach compound in Ibiza, Spain with several neon-lit bars within. Also interesting is an outside portion of the complex that lies withing the defender’s zone, meaning they won’t be revealed on the map to attackers there. Velvet Shell also adds a ton of new weapon skins and the first Year Two elite set, this time for Rook.

The more subtle changes come in the form of an entirely overhauled main menu UI. The new looks is designed to keep everything on one screen, between customizing operators and viewing news, and overall making navigation feel more fluid. The new UI also adopts a recent trend in shooters: displaying operators standing in dramatic poses on the main menu. Take a look below.


Other highlights include the harmonization of sight distances on every gun: which basically means your red-dot sight will be the same distance from your head no matter which gun you’re using. According to Ubisoft, this was done because the old system would mean a sight is less useful depending on the game it’s attached to. You can check out an example of this in on the game’s website.

Velvet shell is just the beginning of Rainbow Six Siege’s Year Two content, which promises new maps for all players, more skins, and most importantly, another six operators to come that will diversify the game’s gameplay moving forward. For more details on small character fixes, you can read the full patch notes here.

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