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Pokemon GO Server Issues: Why It Isn’t Working


Pokemon GO Server Issues: Why It Isn’t Working

The newest Pokemon GO update has brought forth new features, items, Gen 2 Pokemon, and unfortunately some server issues. It is natural that a new update might bring with it some stability issues due to the large influx of users, and for an update as big as this one, it is probably expected. Pokemon GO server issues are something that have been seen in the past when it came to processing the large amount of users (the downfall of a popular app, I guess), and the problem seemed to correct itself when the amount of Daily Active Users tapered off. This new update has brought users back into their apps again and has caused some of the stability issues.

The server overload and the newest of the update has caused some users to experience lag and difficulties starting the app. Some players are being kicked from the app or have it come crashing down on them. This is normal for the launch of the update and will likely become less frequent in the future. Hang in there, Pokemon trainers!

For more help with the game, be sure to check back to Twinfinite for guides and tips!

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